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Return Policy

You can return any product within 8 days of receipt, and to replace it with the same model in another color or any other product of your choice.
Replacement: You can ask them to send you the same item in a different color or replace it with any of the website. In addition, if you received a defective or incorrect password we can replace it with the same object or right.
A prerequisite is that the objects have not been used and are in their original pristine condition and packaging, and without removing the long arm or tags KL. Will also be accompanied by all documents of sale. The "" does not cover the cost of returning and shipping of items. The only exception is if you received an incorrect or defective product.
The products have already sent auditors for possible defects or deficiencies to avoid unnecessary returns.
Also in the photographs are color deviations are minimal to none, to know what means what color you pick, provided that the display will not have tampered with the default settings.
In products or discount offer, refunds will be made within 5 days from the date of receipt.
In sales period change will force the price of the product received and the price of the product will receive on the day of our receipt from you. (Because prices change often)
Products have a discount of 45% and above are considered super deals and are not refundable.
Excluded from refund or change sensitive products such ampige evening bags.
Reimbursement is not possible to do, just replace it with another product.
Liability (due to destruction or loss) for returning the products to the store borne by the customer. For this reason you should make sure the product is very well packaged upon return.
Return the product only after contacting the, following these steps:
STEP 1: Contact us by phone Tel: 210-4902648 or via e-mail: stating your request. Give us the number of your order and explain the reason why you wish to be returned.
STEP 2: With the approval of the return (within 1 business day) you will receive from us a return code necessary to move the process of returning the product.
STEP 3: Contact your local telephone offices COURIER carrier to arrange for delivery of the package to be returned.
STEP 4: Fill out the form return (if any) that accompanies the receipt or invoice with ALL the information requested by the return code and return with your package, explaining how you want to continue with your order.
WARNING: No returns will be accepted if it has a valid return code product (Unique Return Number) ...